December 12th, 2003


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*blushes madly and covers her face*

Okay, I'm extremely embarrassed in asking this.
I want to make the mini movie icons using Real Player.
I've went through the tutorials, and I know you can use the TISNR thing [something to the affect of This is not real...] to convert it
But I went to the site and dl'ed the two program pieces or whatever and installed them correctly like the instructions said.
My problem is that my computer is evil and isn't allowing me to run the program.

My questions are
a] is there any other way i could convert a real player file to say .avi or .mpeg?
and if there isn't...
b] is there anyone who's willing to do it for me?

i'd be extremely greatful to who ever could help me out.
I've been dealing w/ the same problem for the past 2 months..

thanks if you can help!

-love and a lack of seratonin
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border in animated icons?

I'm trying to create a border around all the frames of an animated icon in Animation Shop. I just figured out today how to export it to PSP, add the border to each frame, and then get it back to Animation Shop...BUT, when I do this, the border looks fine and symetrical in PSP, but when it gets back to Animation Shop, the border is only visible on 2 sides not all 4.

Can anyone explain how to get this to work? I have Photoshop and Image Ready (tho I've never used IR) so if it's easier to explain there, that's fine too.


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