December 19th, 2003


grainy gifs

Hi, I have a question. I hope it hasnt been asked before >_<. How can I make it so my gifs arent so grainy and/fuzzy? I use Jasc Animation Shop 3 if that helps. It really bothers me because I will make a really clear icon and then if I want to add a little animation too it (ie: words), it gets all yucky looking. What can I do to help the quality stay so nice? Thankyou!
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Text question for PSP8.

Okay, I feel really dumb for asking this but I have spent hours and hours trying to figure this out to no avail. I have mastered how to use bitmap fonts and am quite pleased with them problem is with script fonts. I cannot figure out how to use them and make them look nice. When I use the bitmap fonts I create as a floating layer and then do the whole expand thing. I'm wondering if you all do the same for script fonts as well. When I try to do that, since for scripts the font is usually bigger, it looks all pixelated. I can't figure out how everyone gets their fonts to look all smooth and pretty in bigger font sizes. I know this is probably something really simple that I'm missing. I looked in the memories and nothing there answered my question. Can anyone help?