December 23rd, 2003

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Hi everyone, it's me again. I had to reinstall XP on my computer for about the third time in two weeks today, and I lost one of my bitmap fonts. I have all the 04b_(number) fonts, but I am missing plain 04b, and that is one I really like to use. Does anyone know where I might find it? I checked my bookmarked font sites, but none of them had it anymore. Argh. If anyone has it and could maybe e-mail it to me @ I would so appreciate it! Thanks so much! ^_^
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Go bears!


Hi everyone! I know a lot of you use photoshop when making avatars and I was tired of not being able to find just a general photoshop community, so I made a community where people can find some tutorials and post some of their own! So if you'd like to join, come to photoshop_lover andf join! Thanks!

(BTW, there aren't too many tutorials up yet, but I'm working on it =))
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Moving Text

My first question here, and I'm sorry if it's a bonehead one -- I'm using Photoshop 7, and when I'm trying to move text on my icon, sometimes it won't move. It bounces back to the original position. If I mess with it long enough, I can usually get it where I want it, but does anyone have any idea why it does this?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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