December 26th, 2003

ernil i pheriannath

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hey everyone! i just joined cause i've been making text icons and stuff for a while, but i'm still an amateur, especially when it comes to animations.

i recently made an animation and i want to make it into a minimovie icon but i don't know how to get it onto a .jpg base and keep it as a .gif file, or just how to get them to merge in the first place! (i used ULEAD Gif Animator 5 to make the animation)

and also, are there any good animation programs that i can download without having to use a trial version?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(no subject)

Are there any tuts for making your own templates? I could have sworn there were, but I must've missed them when I went back and checked the memories. Thanks! ^_^

P.S. This awesome template was done by the immensely talented minttea!
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