December 30th, 2003

  • airika

Outlining text in Photoshop

I've read through all the memories regarding text, but I still can't find the answer to my problem. Whenever I outline small text in Photoshop 7.0, it is blurry. I've tried using the Stroke method, as well as Outer Glow in Hard Light mode, but I still get the same result. What's the trick?


Can someone please give me a link to a website that has the X sparkle brush? (you know what I mean, I believe that it's originally in photoshop)
I want to use it in paint shop pro 8 too. Could someone also explain to me how to add downloaded brushes to PSP 8? I've never been able to, even if I paste the files into the brush folder. thanks!
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I'm having real trouble with brushes. I have PSP8 and I just can't seem to install them and I have no udea how they are used...could anyone please point me in the direction to where I could find some help or help me...Thanks

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I have the version of Animation Shop that came with Paint Shop Pro version 6. Any time I try to add text and text effects to the animations, it just plops them in the very center of the icon. How do I make the text effects/text thing positioned differently?