December 31st, 2003

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Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anybody has any tips for resizing pictures and maintainting clarity. I'm actually not certain that there is any way to do it, it may just depend on the initial image, but if that's the case, could someone tell me what settings on a camera would result in an image that would resize the best? I take my photos at the highest resolution possible, but it seems like when I try and resize them to icon size, they get all blurry! Many thanks to anyone who helps :]
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Pixel Font reference

I frequently see people asking what a good pixel font is, and even more frequently see people using them with anti-alias on or at the wrong size. So in a fit of boredom niceness, I made a visual chart of some of the most common (and some less common) pixel fonts, including the size that they're meant to be used at and a few notes on their use.

It's behind the cut, because it's an image (so the fonts could be shown) and might take a minute to load on dialup.

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I just got WindowsXP recently and WinDVD4 came with it. My old comp. had it too and I could take captures on it(screencaps), but now it says i need the Retail Version. Does this mean I have to buy it?

Thanks in advance & apologies if this is a repeated question!
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