January 2nd, 2004


Animated arrow thing, possibly dashed border?

How do I get a moving arrow on my icon? I know it involves dashes and animation, but I was wondering if anybody could explain it. Which font would work best? Do I just combine | with - to go around corners? I noticed that one is longer than the other though. So do I chose one or the other and flip them?

Also, how do I get a dashed border around my icon and make it look like it's moving around the icon? Is it going to take me forever in animation shop?

I was hoping to do this tonight, so could you please reply to this or send me an IM. My sn is konfusedkatelynn. If I have an away message on, ignore it, I am sure I will be there.

I'm using PSP 7 and Animation Shop.

Sorry for the x-postage.
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Problem making screencaps

I'm having a major problem trying to make screencaps. I made some easily enough recently from a small mpeg file (using printscreen and pasting into Photoshop 7).

However, most of the time my screencaps aren't saving properly. I've been trying to cap from DVD's, playing on either InterActual Player, PowerDVD or Windows Media Player. I've also attempted to take caps from QuickTime. I've used the printscreen option and I've tried SnagIt. But I get the same odd result. I capture and save a picture (I've tried saving as jpeg's and bitmaps), but when I go to open the file it simply shows whatever is on that screen at the moment of opening the file, not what I captured. The same happens if I copy and paste it into Photoshop. Also, if I move the saved file around, the internal picture moves around. However, if I use print screen, only the DVD picture moves from the full screen capture: the details around the picture don't move.

Can anyone make sense of this? Any suggestions?
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Text Question

Hey everyone. I hope your holidays were awesome! I come with a quick question because this baffles me and I haven't asked anything in a while. I wanted to know how you do this effect with the text the way its all wavy. It's the new trend I guess and I would love to know how this is done.While I'm at does anyone know what font this is?

I use Photoshop 7 and Imageready.

Iconfection001 Iconfection002 Both of these icons were made by iconfection, and please don't take them.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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