January 3rd, 2004

Boom - *Rose*

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Is there a way to do a MiniMovie Icon with just PhotoShop and ImageReady? All I've seen are tutorials talking about animation shop or whatever it's called. And I dont' have that...although I guess I could get it. :Shrug: Any help would be appriciated.



I made a mini-movie icon using AS, but when I try uploading it to use in my journal, it's too big. Is there any way I can make the file smaller without cutting down on the number of frames?
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Microsoft's Picture It

Hey, I just joined, and I checked all through the memories, but I didn't find a answer to my question. I have Microsoft's Picture It! program and all I want to do is take a picture that I have and make it small enough to upload into my pictures. Can I do just that? Does anyone have any experience with this program? I hope so, cause I'm totally lost! Thanks~ Lady~
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