January 4th, 2004

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I have a problem using templates.

When I want to delete something, I use the macig wand. I select something, but when I press delete it always deletes too much. In the middle it's very clearly deletes, but the parts I don't want deleted are only semi deleted.

This is really annoying, because I can only use templates with larger parts, and not the ones with details.

I use PS7
  • kyliooo

im sorry if this is redundant

i looked in the memories and didnt really find anything. i want to make an icon from a movie, but i want the whole thing to be the movie, not just have the movie on top of a base picture. i have virtual dub so i selected the bit i wanted, but its still the normal size, and i dont know how to resize it to 100x100 without going frame by frame. i tried doing it in ulead gif animator, but i didnt really have instructions to use it and it wasnt working. so id be eternally grateful if someone could help me. i can download any program it takes.