January 10th, 2004

Font question

Does anyone know what font is used to do the word "making" in this icon?

Also, how did they get the letters to have the swirly, mixed-colour effect? That is really pretty. I use PSP7 primarily but dabble in PS6. Thanks to anyone who can help! ^_^

Icon belongs to tonypunkrockgrl.
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This was me

(no subject)

Okay, I had a couple of questions. Just to think over, it's fine if they are both impossible.

First off, is it possible to put a mini movie in a moving icon? Like a movie in a movie.

I picture this 3 differant ways. One, you have a moving icon and in the middle there is a tv and you put images on the tv.

Second, like if the big moving one is the first 5 seconds of the scene when the girl runs up to hug him and the mini movie going at the same time is them kissing.

Thirdly, and this one seems a lot harder but like I said if none of them are possible, hey that's fine, is like having it be like the second one where the big movie is the girl running up to the boy and then that waits on the last frame and then the mini movie begins to show them kissing. Then the mini movie stops and the big one begins again.

Does any of that seem possible?

Secondly, my wonder was...is it possible to have more than one mini movie in an icon? I still haven't completely figured out the whole mini-movie thing. I can make the movie and make it mini but have yet to figure out how to put it on an icon, so all this is way ahead of me and probably impossible.

And then thirdly, if it IS possible to put more than one mini movie in an icon, can they begin at different times? Like have one mini movie on the left and when it's done, the mini movie on the right begins?

These are all probably too huge for LJ but if there are ways to do it but above the LJ limit, could you tell me still? :-)