January 12th, 2004

Font error.

I just went to DaFont and downloaded/installed the Young Love font, and when I tried to use it in PSP I got the "not enough memory to complete this operation" error message and it just shut down my program. Guh. Does anyone know what might cause this, and is there another place to find that font?

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angelsonyourpillow (cherry_icons)

i'm so confused >_<;

i'm sure you're all gonna laugh at how dumb this question is. XD k, whenever i save my icons... I can never get like... the background and what's not in the frames to just be transparent... Like... when you have those templates with cool designs. the background always shows up as white. How in the hell do i get it to be transparent?

oh and i use like... all free programs. XD i'm such a cheapo XD
oh so sudden

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i tried to go to the memories already for this, but they didn't seem to show up on my comp.

anyway, the problem i am having involves coloring.
i want to make a greyscale picture, yet have selected pieces still in color. and another question still applying to the greyscale image how do i pick a certian piece and change that color?

i have psp8.
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I'm looking for an old post that's in someone's memories that has in it directions on how to screencap from Quicktime and Windows Media Player. If you know the link or can explain to me how to move between individual frames in WMP, I'd be much appreciative. :)

please help!

I tried looking in the memories, but they're not showing up, i think livejournal is having a glitch..

So, my question is, How do you change the background of an icon? I have psp7 and animation shop 3. Basically, I want to take this picture and change the background of it. I tried using a mask and it just didnt come out at all. Could someone please help me!

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