January 14th, 2004

Blinking/twinkling/chasing text - trying again

Okay, I deleted my last entry because it seemingly offended the one person - selene_reborn - who actually tried to help me the other day and that was not my intention at all. If you were offended, I'm sorry. I appreciate that you tried to help. It is in no way your fault that I'm stupid about animation and couldn't understand your instructions.

Basically, I'm trying to find a detailed step by step tutorial and I've looked through memories and the only ones I can find are for PSP not Image Ready. If someone knows where I can find one, please point me to it because I can't even figure this out by reading the reference books that I have available.
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I did it!

See my icon I'm using!!

But not in ImageReady, oddly enough. My husband showed me how to do it in Fireworks and it's simple, simple, simple!!!

I tell you, either the tutorials just aren't clear enough, or I just don't get ImageReady, but trying to figure it out in there was giving me a headache, and I was ready to pull my hair out ... literally!

Maybe I'll figure it out in ImageReady someday. I still feel frustrated that I can't because I love Photoshop with a passion, but ImageReady just has me perplexed where the blinking text is concerned.

Oh well. Whatever gets the job done :)

Thanks a million to those who tried to help me.
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Arrgh, frustration.

Hi, all. I've just started using templates for my icons but I've hit a snag. I was working with a base from Angel Sanctuary and the colors all had a rich glow, especially the white shirt of a character. When I applied the template and went to Save for Web, it kept making the shirt and strands of hair transparent along with the bit of template.

How do you get around this?

Thanks for any help!
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I have a question.

I used to use Animation Shop all the time, and my icons came out with no problem. I don't have an example of an icon, but I do have a picture I made. I shall put it behind the cut.

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However, now when I do anything in the program, it automatically optimizes it, and it looks horrible.

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Everything seems to be okay as far as when I save it and the bar being up all the way, etc. It seems all of a sudden it is automatically optimizing everything. SIGH.

My question I guess is what program does everyone use to animate? And does anyone know how to fix this with AS?

Thank you so much for any help!