January 17th, 2004

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Border too thick -- Photoshop 6

Sometimes when I go to add a border around my icon, it turns out too thick and looks like it's about 2 pixels thick instead of the 1 pixel I specified. I do my border by selecting the icon, Select --> Modify --> Border and choosing 1 pixel. Then I go to Edit --> Fill. Sometimes it will turn out good like the first icon below but other times, it turns out too thick like the second icon. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be?

Holding the mini movie still...

Ok, I made a mini movie by pasting each frame into the picture and then saving it, but it is very shaky, like the movie sometimes moves a little out of the frame. Is there a special way to make sure it won't move out of the frame and that they are right on top of eachother, or do I just have to have a really steady hand? If anyone has any tips please let me know. After I can get the icon on my web site I'll try to show you
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Does anyone know where I can get a tutorial of this Collapse )

You see the scratchy look on it? Well I've seen a tutorial on it once but I lost the link and if anyone knows where the site is I will be forever greatful.

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anyone who has had trouble with animation shop and its love of optimization, a friend of min (sininlinens) has taught me a nifty way to make anifigif.

go to tucows and download the coffeecup gif animator. you can save it and everything through there. if it should be too large, like mine was with this icon:

Please Don't TakePlease Don't Take.

go into image ready and click on 4-up and choose the smallest that you need it to be.

i know it's a little bit more hassle than just one program but i like it very much and i'm too stupid to understand image ready in the whole "i can make anigifs from it" thing. i'd rather do it with two programs and understand than one and be brought to tears (it did that).
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not exactly icon related; =X

I've been making lots of blends recently, and although they turned out pretty well...they're sort of plain. >.< Like lacking in effects. I was wondering if they are any tutorials on how to spice up blends and such. I would love it if anyone helped me out. -thanks in advance! =)
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Text Question: Little blurry pixels...

I'm having a little trouble with adding text to an icon base. Basically, nothing's showing up except a few blurry pixels where I'm supposedly typing, no matter what the font size or font. It only seems to be on a batch of bases I recently got from [Unknown LJ tag] (this post in particular). They're regular .jpgs, RGB mode, but just... little blurry pixels.

Any ideas on fixing this would be helpful... unless it's the actual image that's giving me trouble, in which case I'm kinda screwed, eh? Using Photoshop 6.0 (one of the few who doesn't have 7, so sad).
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Font Downloads

This may be a stupid question but it's something I have been trying to learn and everyone that I have asked for help from has either gave me instructions that don't work, are really confusing or doesn't even relate to what I'm trying to ask *LOL* and I have been trying for over a month :/ Pathetic, I know. Anyway...

How do I download fonts, so I can use them on my PSP 0.8?

This means a lot to me <3