January 20th, 2004

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Ok, I posted this yesterday, but it posted like 3 times ad I tried to delete two of them, and then LJ just decided to hate me. So, I'm reposting. Someone had commented sending me the site by the author of one of the icons, but I'm using PSP8, so I need a tutorial or just guidelines for that. Specifically how to pick the right color and everything. So here's my post from yesterday, thanks so much guys.

Ok I'm trying to get an icon to look like these:

title or description
by dtissagirl

title or description
by bisclaveret

title or description
by shagalote

Where the text is similar to the colours in the icons. Especially the last one, where it has that cool border, but I can't figure out how to do it. Any help woiuld be great. Thanks guys. :)
rakka-broken wings by me

lasso tool

Hi I'm new to icon-making, and this is probably going to be a stupid question. Okay, I've checked the memory for this community, and I've noticed several mentions on the lasso tool. Then I went to play with it on my psp8. I made it to work, but I've also selected other junk in the process. In the Collapse ), the selection is pretty clean. What's the best way to achieve this? Thanks to any advices.
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Hi, me again.
I know how to download fonts! Thank you so much :D
I have another question about the fonts...

Every time I downloaded these fonts:
04b 24
The font would be larger then it actually is supposed to be. It becomes a different font?? It's hard to explain. But is there a trick with those fonts once you download them?