January 27th, 2004

buffy -- everyone wants a piece of you

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O Wise Icon Makers! I ask for your help! Okay, honestly, I adore this comm so I felt this was the best place to get some feedback. I've been noticing that when I use blur and glow effects on my icons and save them as GIFs, there's some distortion and pixellation in the saved image. You can see this with my default icon around Buffy's face.

What is the best method/your preference for saving icons?

Saving Brushes

I'm asking this question here since brushes are used a lot in icon making.

Here's my question once I've used an image (or pattern) and defined it as a brush, how do I ultimately save that brush so I can load it again later. And also how do I save several as a set?

Oh yeah, I'm using Photoshop 7 by the way.

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Template tutorial

I usually see tutorials about how to put a base into a template using psp but I never see how to use a template using animation shop..I use animation shop and I wanna know how to use templates using this program..Can anyone give me a tutorial that explains in detail??
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buffy -- everyone wants a piece of you

Ooph, sorry.

I'm sorry to make another post so soon after my last but my experiments are just not working out as well as I would like.

When it comes to filling an icon with color for a soft filtered light effect, I'm cool with every color but blue. I've noticed icons that have a bright, washed-out look on the base and then a cold blue on top. The overall effect is stark and cold and NIFTY. But when I try it, it always looks like a crappy shade of blue sitting on top of an overly bright icon.

Does anyone have any tips for getting this stark effect? Thankee in advance.

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I noticed a certain look that alot of icons have, this one:

[made by quebelly]

It's like an aged effect or whatever, I was wondering how that was done? I use PSP7. If anyone could help me, i'd appreciate it.