January 28th, 2004

Aged Brushes

I have some aged brushes that some LJ people have made. Anyway, I'm starting to try and make some brush sets of my own, and I was wondering how these effects are achieved. Not the process of making and saving but the effect itself.

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brush question

I downloaded some brushes to work with PSP 8. I saved them/unzipped them in the My PSP 8 Files/Brushes folder. They aren't showing up in PSP now. Did I do something wrong? I think a similar question is posted somewhere else, but I can't find it, so any help is appreciated.

Sorry if this is dumb.
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Making icons...

Im really new to making Icons, but i really wanna do it, so i have a few questions
^-^ First of all, how do i put templates onto bases for Adobe Photoshop? i cant seem to figure it out @_@ and also, how do i upload them onto my livejournal entry to show to other people?

If you could answer these questions, i would be very thankful


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I use PSP8. I'm having some trouble with my brushes. A few days ago, they got all weird and wouldn't actually do anything when I clicked. Then, I noticed this on the bottom of the screen, so I tried clicking and dragging it, but it came out like this. Which is cool looking, but I want to get my brushes back to normal. And I have no idea what I did to make them like that. Help please?