February 3rd, 2004

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Okay, so I just got Adobe Photoshop CS as a 30 day trial or so.. actually, there's probably only 13 or so days left now. Anyways, I wanted to know some tips on how to use it, because so far I have basically no clue on what I'm doing. I can pretty much retrieve pictures.. that's about it.

Any tips?

Especially for animation, I'd like to learn how to use this.. before I go out and possibly buy it.

Or are photoshops 6 and 7 better?
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Hi, I have been using the Export GIF tool via PSP7 for weeks now and never had a problem, until last night. I went to save an icon, and the quality decreased tremendously. I've never had this problem before. I looked at my settings to see if maybe web-safe colors was checked somehow, but it wasn't. Anyone have any other ideas? I've included the saved icon behind the cut.
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