February 5th, 2004

PSP 7 Brushes

I see peeps use brushes in their icons and they come out so pretty but I dont know how to use brushes and how to put them in psp 7 soi can use them as a background in my icon..plz someone help me or send me a link dat would give me a tutorial bout brushes..thanks :)
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Size reduction...

It seems like this question has been asked somewhere recently, but I can't find it, so I'm just going to ask again. I made an animated icon, and the file size is too big. I tried to just reize the dimensions, but that didn't help much at all. Could someone explain to me which options you can change to reduce an animation file in Animation Shop? It's at about 80 kb right now, and I need to get it down to 40 kb.
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(no subject)

quick question.. i just started making icons so this question will seem soooo stupid, and possibly posted before but i have photoshop and i was just wondering how to outline text... for example, white text with a black outline.. thank you so much! you guys are all the best <3333