February 6th, 2004



I have PS 7, and for some reason, whenever I try to make a selection using the marquee tool, it says either, "no pixels were selected" or "No pixels were more than 50% selected. The selection edges will not be visible" when it is apparent that I AM selecting something. (It does this even when I try to select a large chunk of an image)
The "select all" option works fine.
Can anyone help me out?

(I hope it was ok to ask this here)

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ps7 weekly tutorial...

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to decide what topic to cover in the first issue of my (soon-to-be weekly) PS7 icon tutorial.

Got any suggestions, anything you'd specifically like to see covered?

These in-depth, illustrated tutorials will be posted once a week (Fridays, more than likely), at red_tavern, as friends-only posts.

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Howdy all. New to the community, and new to Photoshop. Which leads to a couple of PS7 related questions.

1) How do I adjust the color level of a picture? In PSP, I just go to color level -> increase or decrease. Not quite as clear to me in PS7.

2) Why is it that some images will not allow me to dupicate or make a new layer?

3) Sometimes my text goes nuts. If its working normally, when I'm using 04b_03, I would do 8 pt, but sometimes that comes out absolutely HUGE and I have to go down to 2pt to make it look normal. Anyone have any idea why it does that?

Thanks in advance!
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xvid to divx?

I have a video in xvid format, and I need to make screenshots of it with Virtual Dub for my new icon. However, Virtual Dub does not recognize xvid formated videos. Is there a way to convert xvid to divx, or to any other formats supported by Virtual Dub?

Edit: never mind, just realized that I only have a xvid decoder. works fine now.

(no subject)

ARG! I'm so aggravated at the current moment in time. When I first got PSP8, I was able to have fonts be different colors and whatnot. Well, I must have messed with something because for awhile now, I can't get them to be a certain color I want, they only come out white, and I've tried checking the anti-alias box, but it doesnt make a differance! I checked the memories, and I apologize if this has already been asked, but I couldnt seem to find it :\.

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so can anyone help me? It's just making me insanely mad right now.
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size of text

for some reason, the size of the text is bigger than usual. even when i put it at font size 6, it shows up bigger. this happened before, but somehow i fixed it. did i accidentally click on something? why is it doing this?
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(no subject)

Not sure if I'm wording this as clearly as possible, but here goes:

(Don't use this icon)

How do I make my font transparent except for the stroked outline? I want just the outline to show up and everytime I've tried it my way it ends up deleteing the stroke as well...any help would be appriciated.


I use Photoshop 7.
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