February 8th, 2004


Quick question...

For anyone that knows:

A friend and I are having problems with the font "04b_03b". Everytime we attepmt to use it, it becomes insanly hard to read. Any suggestions on what to do?

We tried changing the size and whatnot, still nothing. Thanks in advance!
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Hi i'm newbie! ^^
Hmm..please someone...Im trying to figure out how to make a effect like in those beautiful icons?

here (the light) and here the effect.

I'm using PSP7.

Thank you!

PS: sorry my english...arr
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Installing and managing fonts.

I have been busy browsing the web for fonts and now I have about 30 files that need unzipping and installing. I was wondering if there is a way of unzipping them all at once and then copy the actual font files to the folder in winnt. I have the trial version of winzip but this only lets me do them one at a time.

How do professional designers manage their fonts so that they know which one is which? In MS word there is a preview box, but I don't recall seeing one in Photoshop CS.

Dotted lines and pencil tools

I keep seeing people say that to draw a dotted line with your pencil tool that you change the spacing to 250 or something like that.

Is this something that can be done in PS 7? If so, how and where do you do it because I can't find a setting like this anywhere and I'm really starting to feel frustrated because this seems like it shouldn't be too hard, and I'm not really Photoshop challenged.

Thanks in advance :)
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This isn't completely an icon question but it has to do with Photoshop. I downloaded the trial version a bit ago, and it expired recently. However, I checked the prices and unless I've made a mistake, found PS7 to be $900. Which I sort of don't want to pay. Is there, uh, any way to keep the trial version? :x It sounds horrible, but if anyone knows of a way, I would be really grateful.
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So I have a few "effects" questions, I can make icons, basic good one's with text, a border and all that jazz.

BUT, I've seen some icons with effects that I have no idea on how to do.

In this community I saw this icon:

(by pessimistchick)

(if the user doesn't want me using it as an example I'll take it down x.x)

Does anyone know how to do that effect though? I saw tune using it on her site for her graphics as well and I have no idea how to do it!

Secondly these icon

(by janoo) and (by esthetic_envy)

I would like to know how to do those two effects, the lines and the grids, as well...

If there are any tutorials in the memories on this just gimme the link and I'll delete this entry, and sorry for being a bother and I'm sorry for using peoples' icons as examples if they want them taken down! I just want to start making icons again, but I can never firgure out how to do these effects!
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