February 9th, 2004

  • jodi33

I am using Adobe Photoshop 6/Image Ready 3.0....

I am having one a problem with layering the images in one in photoshop, i tried putting them all into a folder and then tried to layer the images and open them with a multilayered image...but when i try to open the foler, all of the images go to 90/90 pixels instead of my 100/100 and it cuts part of my pics off...with the multilayered one, i can't seem to figure out how to save the multilayered one and then open it in image ready without it just showing the top pic and none of the other layers...can anyone help me???
if i didn't do a good job of explaining this, i am sorry, i just started messing with image ready last night, no experience whatsoever...i am on yahoo if you can help me but need more info, my screen name is in my user profile... thanks so much :)
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(no subject)

Hi there!
I'm making my first mini movie icon and I'm *sure* I read somewhere that it was possible to just do the mini-movie-animation, copy the whole thing as a gif and then paste it in the base
does anyone know?
(I'm using APS and Image Ready)
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  • jamisue



I use psp7.

A while back i ran into a tutorial on how to install downloaded brushes, fast and easy. It worked wonderfully but i have since lost the site that provided that tutorial and now i am left with only one set of customized brushes to use.

Would any of you be willing to walk a silly girl like me through it one more time? Pretty pretty please?

(i have the store bought version and the manual is not very "new-user" friendly...Grrrrr!)
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(no subject)

ok, but ANOTHER question....okay...is there any way of alerting the size of a brush in photoshop 6? either there isn't a way, or I'm being very stupid and there is....probablt me being stupid, tisnt really hard!! anyway, thanx in advance, and if there is no way, then....er....buggar...

Animated Icons.. I need help...

I am pretty new at icon making, well not really, but i have been exploring and trying to teach myself. Its not too successful. I am using Photoshop 6 and I don't know how to make them animated. I have 4 pictures with text that i want to put together. I have looked at a few tutorials, but get lost on like the 2nd step. would someone please take their time to explain it to me or refer me to a site that would help. Thank You

Sorry for bothering you.