February 11th, 2004

an idea having to do with organization of memories

hey, i'm McCreedy and quite the lurker. love the community and the tutorials. i find them to be very informative and helpful.

i was thinking, however (and i know that someone else has mentioned it), that the memories are really hard to use. you know the very general topic, but nothing more specific. instead you see 30 "a little help..." topics. then you have to flip through all of them to find the tutorial you would like.

perhaps it would be a wise idea to go through and modify the titles? i know it's a big job, but i think it would be well worth it--and increase the organization/productivity/all that good stuff.


just an idea.

(no subject)

I've read every part in the Memory section but there is something that happens on my computer that only happens on mine, I guess. I have Photoshop, Animation Shop, Power DVD, InterVideo WinDVD... So basically, what I have tried to do was play the movie push pause on my part and copy with F13. Then I paste it into Animation Shop or Photoshop and there is no way for me to crop it because ...how can I explain this...if I pick up the part of the window that the image is in, the part where the movie is will move around..
So I guess the question here is obvious. How can I stop this? Thank you
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