February 12th, 2004


Problem with brushes in PS7

Photoshop 7 contines to make me feel really dumb.

Some of the brushes, when I use them, they just don't show up, or they barely show up. I've tried colors that are not even close to the image I am trying to use the brushes on, still nothing. I've fiddled with opacity, still nothing.

Is there something I'm missing?
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Alright. Well, I asked a question earlier and I posted a comment in there with more questions. But since most people wont read that, here is my first entry:

I've read every part in the Memory section but there is something that happens on my computer that only happens on mine, I guess. I have Photoshop, Animation Shop, Power DVD, InterVideo WinDVD... So basically, what I have tried to do was play the movie push pause on my part and copy with F13. Then I paste it into Animation Shop or Photoshop and there is no way for me to crop it because ...how can I explain this...if I pick up the part of the window that the image is in, the part where the movie is will move around..
So I guess the question here is obvious. How can I stop this? Thank you

and continuted:

Here's my progress so far, if anyone is reading this again. I read that if you use the WinDVD then you can open something and bookmark the pages. Well, I did that in PowerDVD because on the WinDVD I didn't pay for it, it just came with the computer. So..anyway. I used PowerDVD and bookmarked all the parts in order that I want. And I'm pretty sure I did that right because I did about every three or four frames, depending on how much the picture moved..
Anyway, am I doing anything right? If so, where do I go from here?
BTW, that you everyone that posted a comment!!