February 15th, 2004

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Hey all. I'm new here. :D

I've recently learned how to make minimovie icons, yay. I've been using PowerDVD but my 30 minute limit is about up. I do have WMP and InterVideo WinDVD. Does anyone know how to screen capture on either of these programs? I've looked through memories and didn't find anything, sorry to be repetitive if I missed it.

Thanks for any replies. :)
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Ummm looking through the memoryis for moving colored text but I'm not having much of a go really.
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I had both of these done by request but evidently I'm not asking just right, so if I can figure out how to do it I'd LOVE to do it by myself. I had PHS 7 but kept getting really bad results with templating so I didn't even try animation.

PSP 8 Has just joined my PC so, if you have advice for *either* of these programs it would make me very very thankful!

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i've read some tutorials which explain how to crop an animation using animation shop. is there a way to do the same thing in image ready? *hoping*
thanks in advance :)


How do you get that really readable small text on icons? Pretty much everyone can do it, it's those white letters with a black border I think. And mine always turn out blurry or unreadable even if they are any bigger. If anybody has any advice whatsoever on this, it would be greatly appreciated. What size/type/formatting (bold etc) font should you use? What fill color or edge color, or edge thickness? How do you get the font and the picture to be so non-blurry? Do you size the pic down to 100px first and then crop it, add text, whatever, or do you size it down after everything else is done? Do you mess with the sharpness/brightness/contrast settings?
Thanks so much to anyone who comments!