February 17th, 2004

tryme (flagrant_delire)


i couldn't find any answer to my problem so hopefully someone can help me. My first few mini movie icons turned out fine but the ones i just made keep going through 1 time then stopping, i don't know what's causes it so i don't know how to fix it. if anyone can help, thank you!

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I am desperately searching for pixel brushes for PSP *other than* the ones at clickit or lush or whatever. Little hearts, stars, faces, whatever. Just those cute little things.

I am also looking for icon border brushes. Help...?
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// Glowing Robes? (Large Animated Area, Bright & Sorta Blurry)


I looked through a great deal of the memories---and I didn't see anything (though I could have missed it) about an animated 'glow'. I'm trying to make an icon with a character's robes glowing whitey-white.

Should I use PSP or Adobe (I have both but I'm notsogood with Adobe). It's similar to the 'stars' effect, only covering a wider area, and moving slow-ish. Did that make sense?
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Finding this image base

I've been looking everywhere for the original bases (and more like it) for these two icons:

Made by: tune

And I've seen similar animated pixely images like that on a lot of Korean cell phone site things, just I would like to know where the Hello Kitty one's can be found. I've asked a couple people who had them and they never got back to me and I've been searching all over the place. Thank you!
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