February 18th, 2004

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Brushes in PS7

This is more of a question about PhotoShop itself than the icons, but they are what make the things, after all.

Do Photoshop 6 brushes work in PhotoShop 7? I know PS7 brushes won't work in PS6, because of the older version, but I'm wondering if the older brushes will work in the new version.


EDIT: I've already installed and am running PS7 by now, and they do indeed work. Just updating this rather than deleting incase anyone else had the same question.

Movie icons, PowerDVD, etc

I'm trying to figure out how to get clips from a LOTR trailer, I went through the memories and people were referring to PowerDVD.. I have no clue how it works seeing as I just dl'd it. Do I dl the trailer, save it, what? and to capture them, is there a special button to press? Agh. I'm getting quite frustrated. Thanks!
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(no subject)

I have a question for anyone who is kind enough to help my sorry butt out.

I want to make a movie type icon, but the file is a .wmv file and won't open in VirtualDub (which I already downloaded thanks to the memories! :) ). Is there a way I can change the file to something I can open, or is there another program I can use?

Thanks so much!

EDIT: Also, I just tried opening a DVD in VirtualDub with no luck. Am I compltely dense or is there some trick to it?
Dreamer Kaylee

WMP/mini movie question

Hey there, I've been trying to educate myself all day on how to make mini movie icons, and after reading some of the wonderful tutorials in the memories I thought I could get the hang of it, but I'm running into problems.

I downloaded the video that I want to use off the internet, and its in an .asf format, so it can play in Windows Media Player. To get the screencaps from there, I paused the video, did a print screen, and copied that into pant shop pro. That's the part I understand. What I don't understand is how to change frames in WMP in a smooth manner, what I did was to hit play, and then very quickly hit pause again, and then repeated the process of copying that screen. It seems to me that there should be an easier way to shift from one frame to the next, but the slidebar at the bottom of WMP doesn't seem to be working for me in that way. When I made an animation using "my way", it was very choppy since there were a bunch of frames missing between shots. I got a few leads on how to change this from digging around the memories here, but all of them turned into dead ends.

Thanks very much for any help in advance, I'm sure the answer to this is blatently staring me in the face somewhere, and I feel pretty stupid for not being able to see it.
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VideoLAN Screencapping?

I'm in the process of downloading a movie, and at the moment the only way I can view it, is through VideoLAN, because it hasn't finished downloading, and won't be finished for a few days. Although when I press Print Screen, and paste it into Paint Shop Pro, or any of the other graphics programs I have, I get a black screen.

Does anyone know how I can get the image I want to screencap to appear, and not just a black screen? Thanks :)
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