February 21st, 2004

Business stuff!

First, I want everyone to know that crumblingwalls has had to step down as a moderator, due to her own busy life. Her contributions will be very missed, especially as she had taken on the task of controlling the beast known as our memories. :)

We will shortly be looking for another moderator to help out. First though, I'm going to offer the position to those of you who responded a few months ago, letting me know you'd be interested in helping out -- perhaps your schedule is such that you could help moderate the community. Those people would be gracemyheart, slyon, and etoilepb

Also, I am in the process of updating the memories. A week or so ago, I caught a post in which a few members were disussing the organization of the memories. catatonic1242 mentioned she was going to work on it, but I haven't heard any updates on that project. I think the first step would be to go through and rename some of the memories, specifically, which might make browsing the memories a bit easier.

Tangent: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, remember that when you are posting to icon_tutorial, either a full tutorial or a question, USE THE SUBJECT LINE! Most people have been really good about this. Let's keep it up! /tangent.

If you are reading this, and agree with the comment about the confusing memories, and have some spare time on your hands and want to help out the community, please be my guest to go through and come up with suggestions and ideas. I am already planning to create more headings, possibly breaking up the Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro headings into specifics for each version (oh, the anticipated headache), but what we really need right now is specific headings on each memory -- it will make separating so much easier. So if you want to help out with that, just leave a comment, and we'll get people started working on that.

Thanks everyone for your contributions! We're just shy of 1,000 members. I never imagined we would have so many people become a part of this community, but I'm so proud of everyone who comes bearing questions and tutorials alike!
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borders in photoshop

Hey everyone. I dont know if anyone has ever mentioned this technique if so, sorry for being repetitive but I have a great way to make borders in photoshop. If you select the rectangular tool and just draw a square, leaving space outside of the square, go to imae-- select-- inverse which will make a border. Then go to filter and fool around with what you wany. I find the neon glow gives you a cool border. Hope this all made sense. See my icon for an example.
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A VirtualDub tutorial

Holas. Used to be a member here awhile back, but had to trim down my flist. Now I'm back with a VirtualDub tutorial. I checked the memories, sorta, and didn't see anything for it, and since I had someone come to my personal journal asking for some help, I thought I'd just do this here.

I'm by no means an expert in anything, but I use the program enough to know the basics. So if I'm not using the technical term for something, bugger off :P

Without further ado, Collapse )

So there you have it. A pretty basic tutorial. My first (and probably only) ever. I hope it helped someone. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to try and answer them, but like I said, I'm no expert. I only use VD to snip my videos to make movie icons. If you need/want VD to do more than that, I'm not the person you want to talk to.
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I'm not sure if this is quite appropriate for this community but since I saw a tutorial relating to layouts I figured it would be okay to bring up a question on them.
I was wondering how to get a layout like crumblingwalls or quebelly. I'm pretty sure you need a paid account to have something like that but I was also wondering if it was just a specific style or something that you need to get a code for. Thanks in advance & again I apologize if this question is a tad out of place.
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A Big Tutorial Post (PSP8, AniShop3, PS7)

Firstly, I hope a bit post lumping different program tutorials together like this isnt against the rules in any way... my appologies if it is; if that's the case, let me know, and I'll break it up according to programs - unless there's a different way I should break it up...? :\

I post tutorials every now and again on my website, and more recently on icon_essentials, but for access sake, and to make sure those of you who are curious about how I make my icons, among other things, see them all, here's a list of all the graphics tutorial's I've written to date:

Paintshop Pro 8 Tutorials:
How Do I Create Transparent Gif's?
How Do I Outline Text?
How do I make lines on my Graphics?
How can I make some cool colour effects/distortions?
How do I do a colour correction effect?
How do I do a pixel effect?
How do I do a Swirly wallpaper?
How do I do a dithering effect?
How do I do colourizing effects?
How do I make Brushes?
How do I make 3D text?
How do I make a gradient text effect?
How do I make a sparkling effect? (also uses Animation Shop)
How do I do a texture effect?
How do I create blends?
How do I do art colourizing like Andy Warhol?
How do I do rainbow effects?
How do I create my own patterns?
How do I create silhouette effects?

Animation Shop 3 Tutorials:
How do I make a water effect?
How do I make a sparkling effect? (also uses Paintshop Pro)
How do I make a blinking text?

Photoshop 7 Tutorials;
How do I do rainbow effects?

Livejournal Tutorials:
How do I make a Livejournal Layout like syndarysicons?

You can also view an incomplete list of the tutorials with an example of the end result here!

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask them, and I'll try to answer them as best I can.

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Water Effect ONLY for certain Parts on Icon

Hi! I have a question. I'm not too sure if someone already asked this...I know how to do the whole water effect for an icon, but how do have the water effect ONLY on a certain part of my icon? for example, only like the text? And I have Paint Shop Pro 7 and 8 and Animation Shop. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

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