February 23rd, 2004

Help with playing a file from my computer-Which Players can i use?

Hi all..i have a question regarding screencapping.
What players will allow me to screencap from a movie i have on my harddrive???My dvd player on my computer is currently broken and am waiting to get another one...so in the meantime i downloaded a movie so that i may have screenshots to make icons with.I have Windows Media Player, PowerDVD 5, DviX Player 2.1 and Interactual Player on my computer...which one, that you guys know of, will allow me to play the file and take screencaps?Thanks a bunch.

I looked ion the memories and i don't think i saw anything regarding this if there is something i am sorry i missed it.
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Ok....So i figured out how to open the files into PowerDVD...now i am having issues with contrast/brightness...when i go into configuration to change that i cannot...is there anything i can do to change that??I am sorry this isn't really icon related tho i want to use it to make icons...that works right???LMAO...sorry...so yeah...the version of the movie i have is a little dark and i know on Media Windows Player i can adjust that but it seems that with PowerDVDi can't...so i am not sure what to do...anyone know?

**edit**So i finally figured out how to do everything...i think the reason why my brightness/contrast on PowerDVD doesn't work maybe because it's a file and not a dvd...so at any rate..i fixed it so i can make screencaps with Windows Media PLayer and PSP7...no more black screen i actually have a picture...yay!Thanks for all the help everyone!
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I am working on the memories section, so if you try to get a hold of one of the memories in Photoshop, it's probably because i'm working on them right now.


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