February 27th, 2004


Help!! I need somebody...

I've been making icons every once in a while and posting them on here. I've made them from MGI Photosuite or Paint. Well, we got a new computer and it's full of programs that I know can help me make icons but I just can't figure them out. I've tried to go to icon_tutorial, but that really hasn't helped. If anyone uses these programs and knows how to work them, I'd be SO incredibly greatful:

  • this "Click to DVD" thing

  • Drag and Drop CD + DVD

  • DVgate plus

  • giga pocket

  • picture gear studio

  • powerlink DvD

  • windows movie maker

  • adobe photo deluxe business edition

I guess my main questions are WTF do all of these programs do, how do I convert the movies from WMM so I can use them as icons, and how do I make mini movie icons?? Thanks so much to anyone who could help me. Could you just email me sometime??

-Sorry anyone who I've offended if this has been posted before. I tried reading through the "memories" but there's just so many!!-
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Hi, would someone kindly point me in the direction of the tutorial to get this effect? I have been looking for it all night but cannot seem to find it again.

Icon by: syndarys

The effect I am talking about is the text with the red background and the dotted border on the outside of the red.