February 28th, 2004

Fonts rendering strangely in Photoshop

I posted this in my personal journal yesterday, and so far haven't been able to fix it, so I thought that I'd try here, as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I'm pulling out my hair, here.

For whatever reason, every time that I go to use a pixel font in Photoshop, regardless of the image that I'm using it on, it becomes unreadable, like I have a very strong antialias on, almost. But I don't. Characters that should have openings - O, for example, or p, are completely solid, as are a and e. The other characters seem like the lines are two pixels wide, but the character remains the same width, if that makes sense. Moreover, when typing, hitting enter does nothing except move the cursor to the beginning of the row, where it promptly allows you to type over what you'd written previously. And by "over", I mean that the characters actually overlay.

I've rebooted, resized to 72px/in and 72.27px/in, I've tried putting fonts that I usually use at 8 points at, say, 7 or 9, or 7.5 or 8.5. I've created entirely new files, I've copied and pasted and opened and closed and closed the program and reset everything to default settings, and done everything that I can think of, and I'm about to cry, y'all. I even uninstalled the whole program earlier today, deleted all the files, and then reinstalled from scratch. It's only pixel fonts that are doing this - Script fonts and regular fonts look just fine at the sizes that I normally use them at.

Anything that y'all can think of that might cause this/fix this, would you please let me know? Has anyone else had this problem? I can't think of anything else to check, but maybe I'm just overlooking something.

(Visual representation of what's going on:
The last line, the weird solid one, is where I tried to hit return and instead of a new line, it just typed over itself.)

[ETA: YAY! There is much squeeing and rejoicing, because kaena figured out the problem. Yay!]
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[EDIT] i have another question. how an earth do you save an animation in imgeready as gif or jpeg? because the only option itll let me save it as is .psd .

thanx in advance


Is there a way of pasting a picture into another picture on photoshop 6, without it being centred, so like, you can choose where you want it positioned? because im trying to make a mini movienicon, adn whenever i click paste, it pastes sit slap bang in the middle, which isnt where i want it

thanks in advance
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I've seen a few mini-movie icons in which the mini-movie isn't in a box. Here's a tutorial on how I do it by placing a circular mini-movie on top of the base. I used PSP8 and Animation Shop for this tutorial, but it will probably work with PSP7, too, though some of the selections may look different. This is my first tutorial, so I think I used more screen shots than needed.
Edit: this technique also works if you choose to place a circular (or any other shape)mini-movie outside of the base

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Hi I'm new and I need help

Hi Ok I've looked through your tutorials and can't find the help that I need so Just a quick question see this icon:
Well you see how the icon has that effect on it I have Paintshop Pro 8 can someone please tell me how can I get that effect for myself

Help much appreciated
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mini-movie templates?

Can anyone point me to some good mini-movie templates, or lj-users who make good mini-movie templates? I promise to credit them if used.

And come to think of it, I'm looking for some decent templates in general...

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Question about screencapping in Window's Media Player

A friend of mine told me that in WMP you can screencap just by clicking ctrl+i, but for some reason nothing happens for me. In hers, some little thing shows up and asks where she wants to save it, but mine doesn't do anything. I read the memories on this, but no one seemed to have this problem. I also have InterActual Player and InterVideo WinDVD...if anyone has any suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated.


Font ?

I have seen this font on a lot of icons and I am trying to figure out what font it is. Also how to you get the outlining effect. How the dark pink has light pink of the outside. (prefferably for Photoshop 7)
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Hellow experienced icon makers! I've been trying to figure something out, and the memories doesnt seem to have it so i am resorting to this. i was wondering if i could get some help. How do you get the..slanted lines, blindish look on my display picture with either Adobe Photoshop 7 or Paint Shop Pro 8...thanks if you can help ^^

help :)

Hi I am new to this community, and this is my first post! I was wondering, if you could tell me how to make this image:

(by bitter_ballad

mostly just the backround effects, I know how to animation but I'd sorta like to know how to do the appearing act the word "cure" does.

maybe step by step? ;)

thanks so much and if you can't help thanks anyways.

-also, when you are linking a person like I did above for the icon, is there a special thing you can type in to make it a link with the user symbol or do you need to do that all yourself everytime you give credit? thanks a lot :)
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