February 29th, 2004

New to community...

hi all! :) obviously, i'm new.

i have a question. i checked through the memories for a few hours reading everything that i thought may apply to my problem at hand. alas, i didn't find the answers i'd hoped for.

i'm basically doing icon making without any skills or knowledge, i've lucked out learning to do what i've done thus far without any help, manuals or tutorials. probably why my icons look like they do. *cough* ;)

i recently aquired photoshop 7 and paint shop pro 6. i have JASC animation shop as well (it's the only of the programs that i'm actualy semi-familiar with). now, my issue is with using templates and getting to learn how transparancies work.

i know what you're thinking, you're thinking, idiot, we have those answers in the memories section. i did see the related tutorials in there for what it is i'm trying to do but they seem to be written for people who already have a good grasp on how the programs work. i tried to follow what was already there and after some hours gave up, i just wasn't understanding or following along.

can anyone point me in the direction of step by step information that would be easy for someone to understand who is just starting to learn the programs? i've looked all over but can't seem to find anything... and by looking at my icon i'm sure you can all see i need some serious tutorial help. :D

thanks in advance. :)
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Subject Lines and Memories

Hi all!

I just wanted to alert everyone to something; I hope grass_stained won't mind. :)

I'm one of the few, the proud, the totally insane who have been working on the Memories lately.

If you're looking for a post of yours in the memories, don't be surprised if the subject line that you see in the description looks completely off the wall. In order to make the memories useful, we're trying to make them descriptive. So unless your subject line is really descriptive in the first place, the memory will say something different. As much as I understand calling a post, "Please help!" or, "A Question," and I do understand, I've done it myself before, it's not helpful in the memories.

That's all I wanted to say, really, except to encourage you to use the subject line as much and as descriptively as possible. We now return you to your regularly scheduled learning of stuff.


(no subject)

Whenever I try to make screen caps using either WinDVD or InterActual Player, the image will paste into PSP7, but only in the position it was on the former screen, so whenever I try to move the image, the cap goes away, and it doesn't save as a cap, only a black screen. I've tried using the screen capture tool as well as the print-screen button, but both do the same thing. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks so much.

Batch Command in PS

I have a large number of bitmap files that I wan't to convert to JPEG's. I can recall someone recently posting instructions on how to do this in Photoshop using the Batch Command. I'm not sure if it was this journal, but if someone could point me in the direction of this post I'd be greatful. I have looked through all the posts and memories and I can't find it. Thankyou.

Edited to add: I worked it out! Just freed up 800Mb of disk space in about an hour.


Okay...I'm new here and I was searching through the memories for about an hour and I didn't see anything that would help me...

My question:how to I make the white on this icon transparent...

I have PSP8, please help.
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making brushes and then using them

Exactly what the title says...how do you do it? thanks ;]

*I use Adobe Photoshop..
(sorry about that)

I'd like to make any kind of brush, I guess. I didn't know any of the basics at all. One thing that I would really like to make are swirls..
How's that? =)
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Plain text fonts

Since the new thing do is create icons and use plain text on them I was wondering what fonts you use and which are good for those kind of icons. oxoniensis does a great job with this and I particularly like her alias icon text.

So anyway, what are some good fonts to use for these kinds of icons and if anyone can tell me the name of the font she uses that would be lovely.

And one more thing, whenever I do try to make a plain text icon, if I tried to make the font size smaller, I wouldn't be able to read it. I don't know if it's just the font I'm using or something else, but I like that oxoniensis used such a small plain font and it was still perfectly readable. Any ideas?

P.S. I have all the bitmap fonts so I just need regular text ones. Thanks!