March 3rd, 2004

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tv scratch lines or something like that

Okay, i have tired and triend to figure this out on my own.
and searched through the memories and i HATE saying that because everyone says that but its true i have. and there are all kinds of memories saying things about scratch effects but i am not sure that is what i am looking for as most images in them are now little red Xs

anyway i use PS7 and Image ready, and was just wandering how to make the old TV lines, vertically, scratchy looking, like in old movies where there is a scratch in the film... i hope this makes sense. could anyone tell me how to do this?

example by dreamsaredead do not take as it is not mine to give away!

thanks in advance :)
sorry if this is in the memories, maybe i am just an idiot. i dont know.
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Color Effects and What Not

I was wondering if anyone knew of a tutorial on color effects? I've been overlaying colors on my icons and gradients as well, but they're not coming out right for some reason. Tons of people are creating icons in this style and I always like to try new things so I just wanted to know if there was a tutorial out there or if anyone would be willing to write up a tutorial on how to use color overlays or just color in icons? The best example I can give you of what I'm talking about is icons by saava. She's really mastered the whole color layer in icons. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Because I'm terrible at explaining things. Anyway, just wanted to know.

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Brush effect?

I have the brush to get the x-ish background, but how do you get it to...disperse (I guess?) like that? opposed to just one even layer, set on overlay? Do you just go around and erase random bits of it?