March 5th, 2004

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A question about icon sizes

Hi there!

I'm a bit new to creating icons and am having serious difficulty creating ones that are within a 100 pixel constraint.

The latest one I've created contains some writing and when I reduce the size, the writing is lost. What can I do to retain the picture and the fonts?

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PS7 brush making question

okay, i know how to create a new brush that i have made.
my question is how do i make a new brush/brushes and save it, without saving it so that it is added to the list of default brushes.
does that make sense?

like i made a brush, defined it, and then said "save brushes" and i named it "my brush" but when i load that brush set the current brush set i had open at the time i saved it was there, and then my brush i mdae was just added to the bottom.

so really what i want to know is how do i put all my brushes together and not get them mixed in with the defaults or others i have downloaded... i guess this would be creating a brush pack? how does one do that?

i really hope this made sense and somone knows what i am talking about, as i fear that no one will be able to make any sense of this.

thanks in advance.

X posted: icon_tutorial and icon_extras
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Tony Alien


Okay I having problems saving my icons. I get the parts that need to be transparent to be transparent, but once I save them. They are trasnparent anymore and infact turn white. Can comeone help me?
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Editing Brush Packs in Photoshop 7

I've got a question about brush packs, and you'll have to realize, I know pretty much nothing whatsoever about creating or modifying them. Downloading and using them is about as far as my knowledge goes.

Is is possible to condense two together, or to remove a few brushes from a set? So for example, if I've downloaded a half-dozen packs from X source, and two similarly themed packs have 10 brushes each, could I combine them into one 20-brush pack, for my own convenience?

I clarify that this is, of course, all for personal use on my computer, and I would never even think about modifying someone else's brushes or redistrubiting them myself in any way.

(Also, this was inspired by a question in this community last night, but it's not quite the same idea.)

Installing brushes in PSP 7

Ok. I downloaded some brushes. I unzipped them to the brushes folder under PaintShop Pro. But they're not showing up. At all. Or I just can't find them. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can someone help me?
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animation questions.

Well... this question is actually for a website, but it's an effect I've been interested in for a while, and I'm certain I'd apply it to an icon sooner or later.

Anyway, my first question is... how do you achieve the effect of "moving" lines, like in the default icon here? It'd a really awesome looking effect, and I've love to learn how to do it.

And, also... the jumpy blurry effect that seems to becoming very popular, as in this icon?

Any help on any of these questions, preferably the former, would be greatly appreciated, thanks. ^_^;

Okay, well... I had to download Animation to get this stuff, but I got it. What I'm curious about is... is there a way I can have the animation, and then go back into Photoshop and edit the animated image? I have the animation and everything, but to complete it, I want to put a layer over the animation, and still have it be animated. Is this possible, and how can I do it?
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My text is comming up the wrong size!!

Hi. I was wondering if you could help me? I've been making icons in Photoshop, and all of a sudden my text is typing out at like 30pt instead of 6pt! I've been through the memories and tried changing the resolution to 72, and it helped but the text was still to big!! What's going on? Help!!!!!
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