March 7th, 2004

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Basic Animation in Image Ready

Hello! I have an incredibly silly question. How do I animate using Image Ready? This is what I've been doing: opening IR, then opening all the images I want to string together, in IR. (Does it matter what format these are in? .psd, .gif, .jpg? Or not really?) Then there's that little animation bar down the bottom. When a particular image is selected, it appears as frame 1 in the animation bar. When I want to add the next frame, I click the little box icon, but all it does is give me another copy of the first image (which is still selected) as frame 2. If I click on a new image, the animation bar loses the image I'd had previously, and only shows the current selected image. I know I'm missing something major (and probably ridiculously simple) here - someone tell me what it is, please?! *l* Thanks in advance!
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Cropping tutorial

The other day someone posted a tutorial with some really cool cropping suggestions and I can't find it again. I'm not even sure exactly where it was posted. I'm covering all my bases by posting this in the communities where it possibly could have been.

If anyone remembers it and can direct be back to it I'd really, really appreciate it. I'm currently kicking myself for not bookmarking it :-P
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TUTORIAL: Scratchy Film Lines for your Icons (PS 7.0, IR 7.0) w/pics

This is a long, complicated tutorial. I assumed that you knew only the BASICS of icon making. Most of you know more, but there is always a tiny section. Uhm, there is a mini-tutorial within the bigger tutorial. Lots of pictures. Hope this helps.

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This is what the end result looks like. Voila!

Orlando: Silly Pirate Boy

Previewing borders in Photoshop 7

I've been trying to add borders (by way of stroke, emboss, etc) to some icons, but they look one way when I preview them against a white background in Photoshop and then another way when I upload them to LJ. Is this normal? If it isn't, how should I fix it.

This is the original icon:

This is with a subtle embossing meant to add a light border:

On my computer, the second one has a much more pronounced border on all 4 sides.

(And as an aside, the one I'm posting with is the other one to have this problem, where this border is significantly thinner than it was when previewed.)
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Keeping mini-movie icons under 40k

For the record, I'm using Photoshop5.5 and Image Ready 2.0 (yup, the old ones!)

I realise there are entries in the memories for this, but they tend to be for Animation Shop or a bit unhelpful for me...

Also, the icon in question is in color with 10 frames and the mini-movie bit is 40x40 pixels.

My questions:

1. When I made my mini-movie icon, I had 10 100x100 .jpg frames which I strung together using Image Ready. Should I have kept one base and only animated the bit of the 10 40x40 frames? Is that why my icon is 80.5kb, while crumblingwalls could get hers in her tutorial down to a lovely 18kb? Am I missing something (yet again)?

2. In a normal folder, when I select all 10 of my .jpg pics, the cumulative size is only 38.1kb! But after I've animated them using Image Ready and then saved it as a .gif file, the animated .gif is 80.5kb. Am I saving it incorrectly?

3. Basically, short of optimizing it (I mean making the quality less, is optimization the correct word?!), turning the icon into a black and white one, making the icon less than 100x100 pixels, or making the mini-movie smaller than its current 40x40 (which at the moment probably wouldn't help, since I animate the whole 100 pixels and not just the 40, anyway), is there a way to get my icon below 40kb?

Thanks in advance! :o)
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(no subject)

I know there were tutorials on how to make a black and white icon with a tint of color for a lot of things except for Photoshop 6.

Can anyone explain how to do it with Photoshop 6? ^-^ Thankies.