March 8th, 2004

  • jodi33

Help with the color issue...

for some reason a different color each time is bleeding through all of the pictures of my icon i used for this post is an of the roses is supposed to be pink...and the calla lilies are supposed to be black and white, and for some reason a red color bled through all of it making everything simply black and red, which in this case makes it look kind of cool, but on another one i did, it didn't look so great...please help!! what am i doing wrong? if you have any questions on what i mean, my aim name is prncss91901 and my yahoo name is Idoj_33_00...thank you

Jodi :)

ATTENTION: lol sorry guys...i forgot the program i'm using, lol adobe photoshop 6 to edit the pics and adobe imageready 3.0

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Displaying Icons in Component Boxes

This isn't really a question about making icons (but it does have to do with icons). I've noticed a lot of people displaying their favorite user pics in a component box on their journal (those using the component layout that is) like saava does. I was wondering how one goes about doing this. I've looked in the edit customizations area and can't find it as an option. Anyone have any clues?

Thanks! :)
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Anyone know where i can get a animating program? llike jasc animation shop 3, but i've already had the trial and i got no $$ to buy it o.o
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(no subject)

I was wondering how you get the little sparkly star thing that is on this icon for Photoshop 7?



Also how do you out line the text like that for Photoshop 7. I have requested help on that and the directions were for Photoshop 8 or something. Any help would be wonderful!


Ok.... My problem is as Follows... My icon at the present is one of my many attempts to use templates properly And I've figured out the first transparesy part. But now... How can I make the white trasparent too so that the icon is only "half there faded-ish" Any help at all would be nuch appreciated -Kate

PS I searched the Memories and haven't been able to find anything to help me.. maybe I'm missing it but... who knows! :D
  • nlm32

argf! I dont speak the language but I need help! :)

Hi everyone,
I have been searching on this community and all I am getting is more confused. I am a virgin at icon making. All I would like to do is have a couple pics from my wedding together like this icon that was made for me. I don't need the template, I would just like to know how to put the images together. Anyone understand me enough to help? :) :)
I am using Adobe photoshop... thats all i really know
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