March 10th, 2004

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background fading into transparency using PSP7

Using PSP7, is there a way to make the edges of the icon fade into complete transparency? I've tried the regular way of making things transparent and I come out with a glow like this:

I'm not sure if I've ever seen it done where the edge of the icon just fades out into transparency, and I figured I'd ask if it were even possible.

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Hello! I'm brand new to the icon-making world, and have lately been trying my hand at transparencies, and having a difficult time.

I have searched through all of the tutorials in icon_tutorial, however, since I use AP Elements I've been having trouble finding appropriate tutorials.

I did find a tutorial in icon_extras, but it is written for AP 7, and so I've been trying to follow it but when I get to the bottom portion I run into trouble. For instance, I can follow all of the steps up until I get to; (checked) Transparency & the Diffusion Tran. :: Amount: 100%. I also cannot select a transparency colour the way this tutorial is saying I should.

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what changes I need to make so that I get my transparecies to work correctly?

I'm sorry if this doesn't make complete sense. ^^;;; Thank you in advance for everyone's help/suggestions.
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