March 13th, 2004

***Please help***

does anyone know where I can find movie stills (captures) frame by frame? I've only found one that has every still and that was for the show Alias. Know of any other??? I want to use them to make mini movie icons. Any info would help thanks.

help me please!

hey, um .. this has been driving me nuts for so long, but how the hell do you crop a person let's say out of a picture, then make an entirely new background for it .. like this icon:

created by graphix_dollie

i have been dying to know exactly how to do this. i use psp8, i'm not so new to icon making, but it would be helpful if whoever cares to reply will explain it well; haha =] thanx in advance.

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i'm still trying to only animate certain part of a image and i've seen it explained like 2-3 times already but
i really need someone to break it down for me.

i've tried animating only the background and pasting it in my image, but it's never in the exact same position and it's shaky.
how can i make it so its in the exact same part for every frame?
or is their an easier way to animate selected parts?

i use psp7 and AS3

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