March 14th, 2004

Ugh, im dummmb

I'm not sure what these go under memory, do you think you could direct me in case its already been answered? thanks :-/ (sorry if theres any inconvinence)
(I'm using PSP8)
Ok, well I have two questions:

1. on this icon, theres a certain text used at the top (where it says, "i'm breathing out...")

do i need to dl that type of text? or is it on there? I dont understand how to get it :( or other text's that aren't like, microsoft word texts (ya know)

and also

2. How do I change the file to like a gif? Like, right now I uploaded an image and its titled image1 and the file is .pspimage its like Image1.pspimage but I want it to be Image1.gif ya know? How do I change it?

anyways, thanks a bunch :-/

sparkle brush

hey. im new and i just got psp8. what a threat. anywho i already tried what they had suggested in the other entry but i can`t seem to find the damn brush. when i go to my brush tool and i left click it a little menu comes out with the words paintbrush, airbrush,warp brush. and then if i right click it, this appears: toolbars,palettes, magnifier, docking options, and customize. okay am i an idiot but how do i get this brush:

so if anyone can please help me :) i will like eternally be thankful

thank you in advance :)

Becker Strawberries


hi! I'm brandy and I'm new. Please I don't even know the first thing about making an icon. and I just got photoshop could someone plz help me.
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take my icon for example

Alright so my big issue is mainly JPEG saving. I use Photoshop to create icons and then Paint Shop to add borders. But whenever I save my icons as JPEGS, no matter whether it is a 'high' file or a 'low' file, my images turn out fuzzy. The only way sfor me to get 'clean' images without the fuzzies, I have to save it as a PNG. Is there any other way for me to clean up my JPEGS?
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So I looked in the Memories section for the tutorial on how to make icons shake. It seems, the member who wrote the tutorial got deleted/removed.

Does anyone know how to do it? I don't have an example but I think what I'm looking for is clear.

And another thing. I'd like to know how to make the background move. The image I'm planning to use is a car window so I'd like to make the background move as if the car is moving in hyper speed or something. I saw an icon like that before but I can't remember where. >_<

Help please!
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