March 15th, 2004

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Mini Movies Within Icon

Hey everyone! I'm a newbie here but I have been making icons for a few months. My fave icons are like the one I am using, where they have a mini movie playing. My question is, how do you create this? Do you simply take screencaps and put them together or do you use part of the video itself within the icon? I'm using PSP Animation Shop 3.0 and when I try to open a video file in Animation Shop, it pretty much shuts down because it's too big.

Anyone willing to help me?
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font problem

Two days ago, the pixel fonts that i use the most (04b_3b and scrappy dot, as well as a few others), started showing up all strange. I'm using the same font size I always have, anti-alias is off, i made sure resolution is set at 72, but for some reason all of a sudden it shows up as though the letters are too squished together and sort of misformed. I even uninstalled, redownloaded, and reinstalled the fonts to see if that would work, but alas, it hasn't. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this and how to fix it? Oh, and I use PSP8. Thank you
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text and tint effects

Hey....I looked through the memories, but it's so hard to find what I'm looking for. So, if this is already in there, please just point my poor disoriented self in the right direction :)

Anyways, first off, how can I get the text effect on this icon?

made by starslikedice

And how do I get this awesome aged/coloring effect on this icon?

made by aquavitae

I use PSP8 - thanks!
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Community MEMORIES: fully updated, and how best to use them.

Hi gang!

As of this posting, the memories for this community are fully updated, all 349 of them.

Every memory has been given a thoroughly descriptive title and put into the right categories (they're in two different styles because different people have worked on the archive). Some posts were deleted from the memories. No worries; no posts were deleted from the community. Posts taken out of the memories pretty much fell into the following categories:

  • Posts that relied exclusively on images that now have broken links (the vast majority of the memories I removed)

  • Posts edited by the poster afterwards so that the original question is now missing, and the answers don't make sense without it</il>
  • Posts that never had any answers, where there were other posts addressing the same question

  • Posts made by deleted or suspended journals and that are now unviewable

  • And, last and least, posts that were so utterly incomprehensibly typed that even after careful study I had no idea what the post was about (I think there were only two of these).

The best way to use the memories is to read all of the comments on any archived post. That's generally where the links are for resources; that's also where the lengthy explanations and short answers alike are generally found. The post itself is likely to be the least useful part. If you're trying to solve a specific problem, check multiple categories. Posts can be cross-listed in as many as five categories. I've tried to put posts not only where the material directly relates, but also where people are going to think to look for them (for example, a few posts on mkeeping mini-movies under 40k are cross-listed in "saving icons," because that's what a lot of people think at first even though the trick lies in the construction, not in the saving).

I would like to impress upon all members, new and old, that there really are a whole lot of answers to be found there. There are a couple of new categories, to make things clearer, but really, you can't find anything if you don't look. So please, look carefully. And it's worth a browse, just for fun -- you won't believe how many things I've learned compiling these!

Also, since late February posts have been added to the memories every day. So now that the archives are easily usable, please: use them. And please, when posting, write as long and descriptive a subject line for your post as you can think of. It really makes life a lot easier for everyone.

And last, but certainly not least: if you have a super-specific question about a certain icon, the effects the maker used or the font s/he used or where s/he got the brushes, etc, ask the person who made it first. That's the quickest and simplest way to get your answer, and I've yet to "meet" a single icon-maker who won't answer.

Thank you!

*Etoile, assistant mod-type-person. :)

We now return you to your regularly cheduled community. ;)
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Ok, I don't know what's wrong with my animation shop.

All of the sudden, it's saving images weird. The colors are coming out a darker shade, and they're coming out blurry. And it doesn't ask me if I want to do that optimize thing anymore, it just does it! Someone help. :(
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