March 17th, 2004

spice girls

hair color question

I'm wanting to make an icon out of the wallpaper here:

The thing is, I want to make her hair pink instead of red and am having trouble figuring out how to do that. I've already tried filtering a neon glow, and it just gives me this flattish purple-gray color. Even if I desaturate the image first and then apply a neon glow, I still get the same purple-gray. I know I can always use airbrush or something, but then the texture and detail of the hair gets covered up. Does anyone know how I can mess with the hair color without losing the detail and stuff?

I have psp7, adobe photoshop 5 and adobe image ready 3, i think it is.
T.O.P - flowers

(no subject)

I know you can open .avi files in Animation Shop 3, but I have a few .wmv files that I want to make icons of, and it won't let me open them. So how would I go about making an icon from a .wmv file?

Text help

This is one of the first few icons I've made, and I want to finish it, but I'm stuck. I've been trying different types of text to go in the white space, but nothing looks good. Does anyone have suggests for a specific type of font or anything that would look good in that space? I know how to download fonts, but I'm not familiar with the different names & types.

I made this on PSP 7.

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