March 18th, 2004

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Using the Batch File Conversion utility in PS7

Thanks to the tutorials previously archived in this community (I learned so much from organizing the memories!), I learned about going to File -> Automate -> Batch in PS7. This is massively useful to me, as I have about 160 Indiana Jones screencaps in *.bmp format, and it takes me hours to send them to anyone.

However, each *.bmp file, when run through the utility, has three layers and gives me a warning about "feather" not being a viable command, before I end up having to save it as a copy (Because it's an unflattened jpeg). Is this standard, or is there a better setting I can use? (i.e., is there a way I can make the process smoother?)
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An Outlining Goof

I am following this tutorial for outlining non-bitmap fonts in PSP8 as much like a good girl as I can! I created a new base with the color of the outline and put text on it, but when I go to "Selection -> Modify", expand is not an option (it's greyed out). The text it still selected when I do this, an unselecting it does not seem to help.

What am I doing amiss?

Thank you in advance!
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OK, I only have psp5, and was wondering if there were any tips, any special settings, or anything I should use to make my icons look nice. Thanks! =)


I made a background the other day, and it takes up too many bites I suppose. I created a new name on and tried to upload it and it wouldnt let me b/c it ALONE takes up all the space, does anyone know any FREE hosting sites where I could host my images? I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, feel free to delete it if it is a problem :-/

(photobucket wont upload my image either :( )
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Finding Mini-Movies

This may be a very stupid question but I' really confused.

Where do you find the actual movie parts to mini movies? I have been looking everywhere for decent looking clips that I can turn into mini movies but, no luck. Does anyone have a certain place they find them? Or are they all over the place?