March 21st, 2004

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Hey everyone, I was wondering how this effect is done:

Cuz first, I don't know what the creator uses to make it that glowy, I mean, did he/she adjust the brightness etc? Or something else? And then second, how did he/she do that transition? Fading? I'm glad if you guys could help me out here..


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New question, new post..

It's about this icon

About what the creator did in that little box.. I tried a couple of things myself already, but I can't figure it out.. Help would me much appreciated. I didn't find anything in the memories.
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Full tutorial - Simple PS7 icon and effect for beginners

Yes, you may take that icon if you credit... but much more importantly, if you see something about it you like, then click the link, because below it is a full, step-by-step, complete tutorial on how to create that icon, with pictures, and it's designed for someone who's figured out how to open an image in Photoshop (I use 7, but the ideas, if not the locations of the tools, are applicable to most versions) but not much else beyond that!

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Selective Grids using Photoshop 7.0 (tutorial w/pictures)

I don't know anyone who would like to use this, but one of my favourite filters in Photoshop 7.0 is the Patchwork filter, and it makes a cool effect for icons. So, I decided to do this fun tutorial. It's ten easy steps, outlined for beginners to intermediates.

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Viola! A very cool, sexcellent base for whatever you need.

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Blinds Brush in PS 5

Hey, I read through the memories and I didn't find this, so here it goes.
I can't find the blinds brush anywhere, I searched on 'google' and etc but all I could find was brushes for PS 7. So I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find them? I want one just like this, in this icon made by dtissagirl:


Thanks! I use PS 5, as you can see.
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font dividers

Does anyone know where I can find the font "Dividers"? I've searched everywhere without finding it.
Edit: Here's the letter "I" from the font.

Also etoilepb mentioned something about a possible clone for this font. Anyone the alternative name for it, if there's one? Thanks in advance.

PSP8/AS Mini Movie Icons Tutorial

Well, I wrote a tutorial on how to do mini-movie icons. It's not the only way of making them - probably not even the easiest way either - but it's a way of making them, and people may find it helpful.

I would very much appreciate it if you could point out any areas in the tutorial when I'm vague on what you're supposed to do, or if anythings unclear, or even if I've missed something. From what I can see, it looks alright - but I already know how to do them, so I might be automatically filling in the blanks myself O.O

Anyway, here you go:

How to make a mini-movie icon like this:

Mini-Movie Icons Tutorial


probably a really SIMPLE question....

I skimmed over the memories, but i'm not exactly sure what it is i'm looking for... so excuse the [possible] x-post...

Like I say, i'm sure this is one of the easiest and most basic techniques in PSP, but here's what I am wondering...

If the background is not solid and i cannot magic wand it, how to I select an object in a picture (down to the closest pixel) to copy/paste it onto another canvas? Or what blending/erasing tools do i use so that it appears that way? I'm using PSP7. Thanks in advance. BTW... i'm a newbie to the community.
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