March 22nd, 2004

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Image Ready?

    Um, this is a rather silly question, but I am a complete and total n00b at icon making, and although I have PS6, I have no idea how to use ImageReady or even how to find/open it up.  If someone could just tell me how to find/open it, I'd be much obliged ^^;;


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Um....crediting problem...


When I first started joining these communities (...few months back) I didn't know about crediting, therefore just saved them onto my hard drive as...whatever, a short description of what the icon was, but not their creators.


Yeah, I have no clue where to post this, but I would *like* to give credit where credit is due, so...

If you would click the lj-cut, you can see the icons that I have that credit is not identified. If you created this icon or know who created it, would you be ever so kind as to comment on here and say so. :|

Aaaaaaand...if this isn't suppose to go here, but there's a community specifically for this or something, if you could direct me to there...o.O
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Font Guide

Someone, I'm sure, has posted a font guide before, but I whipped one up today and I'd just like to share it in case anyone is interested in the bazillon fonts I (and many others) use for icon making. It's here if you'd like to check it out. Enjoy!
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(no subject)

I am pretty sure that this question was posted so just link me if you know where it is, cause I could not find it =/

How do you make a black and white photo and put a little color in it? Like it is black and white but has pink lips, something like that. Please help =D
Thanks in advance

Mini Movie Question.

Someone gave a good tutorial on mini movie icons and I was following it. I figured out almost everything except:

See, in Animation Shop when I tried to make it in the beginning the tutorial said to duplicate frames to how many stills you have. I had 15, but when I tried duplicating it it would go okay, but then it'd shoot from 10 frames or so to 17. And as you know I didn't need 17 frames. If I tried deleting it it would go all the way back to one. So now a light pinkish/skin colourish thing is in it from where the original thing I made was.

Also, when I take caps by somehow they jump all over the place. Is it just a matter of being precise?
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Tony Alien

Help with Brushes

Okay I looked in the memories and didn't see anything like this...

So My problem is....

I use PSP 8.10 and some of my brushes worked oddly. I haveta drag them a while to get them to show up, and when I do that they are sideways and not how I want them. I checked rotation and it's set at zero but I'm still getting the same problem. Yet my other brushes work fine. I'm I retarded or is there something wrong with my settings. Can someone help?

Dark screen effect in Photoshop 7

Can anyone tell me the technique for getting the dark screend look like is these Wonderfalls icons. Ans the golden screened look in the LiT one?

All three were made by _jems_

I have some idea how to do it, but I'd like to know a direct technique. I've been seeing the look a lot and would really like to experiment with it. I've done varations of it myself with bright vivid colors, but not the black. I was wondering if it's done with icon sized screen brushes, or if it's by flood filling a new layer and blending it in screen mode or something.

I'm using Photoshop 7 by the way.

Also, I'd go scour the memories (which I'm probably going to do anyway) buy LJ is being extremely bitchy right now that I want to just go ahead and get my question out there.

Thanks in advance. Oh, and before anyone suggests it, I did go straight to the source too. Just covering all bases ;-)
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