March 23rd, 2004

Angie: Parselmouth

screen capping programs

I've spent hours reading through every tutorial I can find on taking screen caps from DVDs and I've tried every last suggestion, even downloading programs like HyperSnap. I have tried WinDVD, Widows Media Player, and Realplayer and cannot get screen caps. No matter what controls I change on WMP for instance, trying to edit in PS7 the rest of the cap will move but the movie image will only stay in the same location as in the player and the cap will still only save as a black screen.

There has to be something that will work and won't cost me money I don't have. Thanks in advance for any help!
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Cat Eye


I've just started to make movie icons.

I'm having trouble making things tranperent
I have paint shop pro 7
animation shop 3
photo 6

I asked about this a while ago and was told to do it via replace colour in animation shop using a colour that was not in the picture. I have been doing this but it always has the colour around the edges and makes it look really bad is there another way?

Had work stolen?

Does anyone know if there are any communities out there, for people who have had icons/art and the lot taken without credit or taken and then having the person claim it as their own? Where the victims can go to post who did it as sort of a warning to other graphic makers out there?

Also, if there isn't, would anyone be interested in helping me start one up? I'd like to do it, but being a full time College student, I do not have time to do it all on my own. So if anyone would want to help, please leave a comment and we can figure something out.

Thank you,


Another Animation Shop Question.

I posted yesterday asking about my mini movie icon. And I realized it might of not been my mistake. I tried making a regular animated icon and it somehow is off centered. Like I made the image the perfect size (I made two - it was going to flash words) and it was jumping all over the place and it never did that before with my last one. I'm not sure what is wrong with it. Does anyone have an idea?
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