March 24th, 2004

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sharpening caps

Okay, so I browsed through the memories -- actually, I think I read all the full tutorials and about half the PS ones, largely because they make for some good reading -- but I was hoping for a concise answer on a specific question:

How do you sharpen/clarify images from blurry caps? I mean, not atrociously blurry caps, because sometimes things are just too far gone to work with -- but basic DVD cap-style caps -- if someone could talk me through a good method for sharpening the image (beyond just filter >> sharpen >> sharpen or even filter >> sharpen >> unsharp mask [though if you could explain to me what unsharp mask does, exactly, I'd be thrilled) that would be enormously cool.

I find when I sharpen too much I get pixellated and/or the image edges get white, and sometimes even then the image isn't as sharp as I'd like it.

Some icons I find delightfully "sharp":

by saava

by _jems_

by isabel0329


problems with xvid/.avi files

Hey all. :D I recently downloaded a few Xvid/.avi files via BitTorrent to make icons. Except, well, NONE of the programs are working. Let me make a list...

WinDVD: Only has audio, no video
Winamp: Only has audio, no video
BSPlayer: Doesn't open
RealPlayer: Doesn't open
Windows Media Player: Only has audio, no video
Hypersnatch: Doesn't open
SnatchIt: Doesn't open
VirtualDub: Doesn't open

The only thing that has both audio AND video is DivX, and that doesn't let you screencap. I ran the Gspot Codec program to find out what codecs I needed for those files, but it said it couldn't find any. The girl who gave me the link on LJ to download those files made icons out of them, so they can't be corrupt. I'm pulling my hair out over here...I could even give you a list of the errors I recieve when I open them in different programs, if needed. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :D
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Halftone Filter for PS7.0?

After doing a little homework in the PS memories section, I couldn't find a tutorial on halftone filters. What I'm trying to do is get this effect that is Collapse )

Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks for your help!
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Problems opening .psd file

I was working on an icon till late at night and I saved three versions of it as a .gif, .jpg and .psd. Now I want to do some more work on it and the .psd file will not open. I get a message saying that the request to open could not be completed because it is not a valid Photoshop document. Has anyone else had this experience. I'm using Photoshop CS (PS8).
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Photoshop Elements: "Mini"-movies

I'm relatively new to icon-making and have done a few normal ones, but I want to make a movie icon. Not a mini-movie; the whole thing moves, or should. I can't make it save so that it's animated, and I think it might be something I'm doing beforehand. Ideas?
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