March 26th, 2004

FLCL - Eh?

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^_^ Stupid question time. If this is in the memories, please show me where. I looked, but didn't see it.

Question: Is there a way to keep your save settings in PSP7 and/or 8? What I mean is, when I save, the default thing is always .psp The PSP image. I want it to always be .jpg or .png o_O Is this possible?

Thank you for any help.

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color fill layers

Okay, so I asked about opacities but I'm beginning to think my question might be symptomatic of a larger issue. So, lemme ask:

First off, I'm in Photoshop 7.

When I use a color fill layer, either as a real live "fill" layer set on "color" or, more often, just a colored rectangle or a gradient-colored rectangle set on "normal," I put it BELOW the image I'm colorizing, and then tweak the opacity/fill percentages of the image layer to let the color layer show through (or use eraser brushes on the image layer to let the color layer show through selectively).

I seem to be noticing that other folks put the fill layer *above* the image layer, and other folks seem to have more of a handle on the difference between the "opacity" and "fill" faders than I do, and I wonder if these two facts are related.

Have I been doing something wrong, putting the color layer *beneath* the image layer? I've tried putting it above but I'm so used to my usual technique -- and also I don't quite get the physics behind the *above* technique -- that I haven't been able to do anything with it.

Could someone explain a little more to me about the best use of color fill layers, and also the difference between the opacity and fill percentages?

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Tutorial: Colors, Shapes, ImageReady for non-Animation Purposes

So I feel like I've abused the hospitality of you nice people long enough, and in an effort to give back to the community -- as well as to share some of my favorite icon-making tricks -- I'm offering up my Very First Tutorial.

I use Photoshop 7 and ImageReady, and I actually do a lot of the nuts and bolts of my icon-making in ImageReady itself, because there are features of the program I find easier to work with than Photoshop, and some things (I think!) are even better over there.

So, with that in mind, here's how I made this icon:

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I apologize for the idiocy right now.

I just dowonloaded PowerDVD (trial version) and have read through everything on making screencaps, which I want to do. But that's not really my problem.

I can't my DVD's to play. Feel free to laugh. I know it sounds stupid, but how on earth do I get them to play? I've tried putting it in both disk drives on my computer, and clicking the little folder button...I just can't seem to get it.

Thank you and eternal worship in advance for anyone who is lovely enough to answer my stupid question.

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Two Qesutions.

How do you get your text like this
(both by twlory)

And how do you get the two words to blink like this: (twlory)

And how do get your little text outlined like this one :(made by xdark_secretsx)

Thank you so much in Advance!!
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applying brushes in PS7

I use Photoshop 7. I've gone through the tutorials, and it's driving me crazy. When I try to apply brushes to my image, what am I supposed to do exactly? Usually I:

1. Make a new layer.
2. Click the little box in the History beside the New Layer action. (Because when I don't, it says Could not use the history brush because no history state has been designated as the source for painting.)
3. Choose a brush from the list.
4. Click to apply the brush.

But it doesn't apply! The action appears in the History. The layer is at the top of the layers list. The color is definitely visible. But the brush doesn't show up. Am I doing something wrong? Help, please!
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hey there, i'm pretty new to making mini-movie icons. i was just wondering when you save your icon, is there a way to keep the quality when saving? i know that a lot of people suggest to keep the number of images down to a minimum, but i've noticed quite a few people have up to 30 images in an animated (mini-movie) icon and managed to keep it down to 40 k, it works and the resolution is still great. i was wondering if these people are using animation shop 3 (which is what i usually use) or if they're using something else. also, i've noticed when i have saved several of these mini-movie .gifs to take a better look at them, they're sped up. this makes me think they've used another method, or even another program.

for example:

the resolution is great, it's under 40k (which is max for livejournal) and it's comprised of 33 images! if you save this animation and open it in animation shop it plays superfast. so you'll see what i mean.

i'd love to be able to do this. anyone know how?
i sincerely apologise if this question has already been asked. =)