March 28th, 2004

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PS6, image comes out green

My friend who has recently started using PS6 has a problem when he opens a image, it turns green. Since i've never worked with PS before, i dont know what to tell him. So, here is a screenshot he sent meCollapse )
He said it doesnt happen when he copies and pastes it from a different site.
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Cutting images with the pen tool in PS6

I checked the Photoshop memories, and didn't see a heading for this, so I thought I'd throw it together-if there's already a tut on it, feel free to delete it. :)

Collapse )

This is just how I use the pen tool-I've found it a lot easier to work with than the lasso tool, because my hands are just not steady enough. ^_^ Hopefully, this made sense!

Photoshop Elements Animation (text and otherwise)

I use Photoshop Elements for all my icons (that's all I have, and I can't buy anything else) and I really want to animate some icons. I've been through all the memories and haven't found any answers, so those who use Photoshop Elements, how do you do it? I've checked their help and go through the "Save for Web" process, just like they say, but the end result is just the picture flashing several times.

I really want to animate text overtop of the basic picture, and that's not happening at all, so any and all help is very much appreciated (and desperately needed). Thanks so much!
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Help with Mini Movie

Eee, I have a qeustion for mini-movies. How do you keep the pictures for the mini-movie thing, to be in the same place with a border? Mine are always different --'

See how mine is moving...

How do I get it to stay still like this one: (made by starfaded)
How do I get the animation to sit in one spot?
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(no subject)

Ive made this mini movie icon:  and its over the LJ limit by about 0.09k, and i dont want to delete another frame because then it just looks ridiculous, but i still wanna get it under 40k. i tried making it all greyscale in photoshop before putting it in imagready, but then it merged all the layers, whcih isnt what i wanted, although it did make a pretty cool still icon , cos it like, made the writing go all funny...


so, does anyone know how i can make it smaller? i use photoshop6 and imagready


Screencapping Problem

I promise I read the memories before posting this question but I just cannot find an answer. I cannot seem to get my DVD's that I put in my computer to open in Quicktime. I have version 6.5. I would like to use Quicktime because it is the one program I can get to take screencaps. If it is not possible to play DVD's in Quicktime, can someone point me in the direction of a good *cough*free*cough* movie download site?

Anna M