March 31st, 2004

o really.

PS7: Full icon tutorial! (Including: a gradient, a motion blur, a brush, and some text.)

For some reason, while I was working on an icon tonight, I got the grand idea to make a tutorial.

So I did.

+Photoshop 7
+a sexcellent screen cap
+a quebelly border brush

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If there's something you feel needs clarification, or if you just have questions, please comment! (Also comment if you liked this tutorial, or though I did a good job... or if you have thoughts of how I could have done this better. I'm a little nervous posting this!) I'll be happy to answer anything.

Hope you guys liked this one!

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I looked through the tutorials and didn't see anything SPECIFIC as to this:

I have PSP7, and I took a million screencaps of a movie with hopes of putting up a gallery. I want to use thumbnails of the caps, but before I go through and resize 250 caps individually, is there a way to do a batch resize?

If anyone can figure out a way for this to be a reality, they'd be my hero.
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Advocating memories use / behavior toward newbies

Hi, gang.

I'm thrilled to see the number of members of this community plugging the memories lately; it seems to validate all the time put into organizing them, and it is, indeed, the quickest way to answer a great number of questions. :) However there have been a number of instances lately of rude, snide, or sarcastic comments toward new members.

Although encouraging someone to read the memories is a positive thing, and I advocate it, I also advocate being polite to all members of the community, no matter how much or how little they seem to know. It is easy to get frustrated in a large community, I am well aware. However, whenever you write out an offhand comment, take a minute to check the "preview comment" button first. If it's something you yourself wouldn't like being told, then you're probably better off editing or deleting the words. We've all made rash comments in the past, either here or elsewhere; this post is not directed at an individual or even at a group of individuals, but instead at a growing attitude that I would rather not see take over.

In the meantime, the memories are updated at least four times a week (sometimes as often as every new post; sometimes every other day. Still, often) with information for icon-makers of all levels, and who use all programs. I believe I can speak for all of the other mods as well when I say that we want this community to be a positive learning environment for all involved. The same questions are going to get asked over and over, and directing someone to the appropriate category of the memories is a valid response. But in so doing, let's make sure we don't drive the genuinely curious away from the community, okay? Thanks.

asst. mod and memories maven
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Making it look "groovy?"

I want to make this look kinda, mordenish, or groovy. I use psp6, and used the cloud effect on the star, and 04B_09, and the fonts 1stGrader and 5thGrader. I use psp6. What can I do to, with effects and such, to give it a "cool" look?
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Ok I didn't see this in the memories. But I have downloaded the HP PoA trailer and I was wondering how I could cap it? I can only find a site where I can download it in QT, Windows Media or RM format. And I don't know how I cap it in any of those formats. Someone out there can you help me?