April 4th, 2004

wtf are you looking at?_by me

i haven't the slightest clue

on how to do anything on psp, i'm a master at photoshop but i've never been able to figure out psp so i downloaded it today and i tried to figure it out with the help and everything

i looked throught the memories and nothing could really help me. maybe i'm retarded, i don't know.

but i wanted to figure out how to make animations in it and how to make icons that looks like the ones below;

with the jagged edges and such

with all the little stars and Xs..

and that effect, i think its called "grunge" but i'm not sure.

(all those icons were made by pessimistchick)

if someone could help out a technologically challenged youngster such as myself, i shall be forever grateful.
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