April 5th, 2004

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I've tried to search the web for info on this but am having no such luck... I know this is more about icons, but this is a Photoshop question, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Is there anyway that I can sort my fonts in PS7?

I know that there are programs that you can sort your fonts, etc, but it would be preferred if I could possibly sort them in Photoshop. (i.e. all the Script fonts, all the Sans-Serif fonts, all the Bitmap fonts, etc...)

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out :)
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PSP8/AS3 Trial

I was just wondering- I d/l the AS3 trial about 3 weeks before I downloaded PSP8's trial. Both work for 60 days, but the problem is that AS3 will expire about 3 weeks before PSP will. Anyone know if the AS will continue to work, since AS supposedly comes with PSP?

I'm not asking for cracks or how to make it keep working, nothing like that. I was just curious what would happen, and whether the PSP trial had it's own AS3 imbedded, or will that feature no longer work b/c the AS3 trial expired.

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